Xemoland 2010

Daniel Cardenas

The story of a seven year-old boy who is led to believe there is a portal to an alternate reality where all his dreams come true. However, the boy quickly realizes that Xemoland is not the place of his dreams, but his nightmares.

Daniel Cardenas created this film for Borscht 6.


Sundance Film Festival, 2011


Sundance Film Festival, 2011
Philadelphia Film Festival, 2011


5 Only-in-Miami Details You May Have Missed in Xemoland

Xemoland is important in the history of Borscht for a number of reasons, not the least of which being it was the first Borscht commission to screen at Sundance. It’s universal commercial appeal is obvious, but we love the little Miami touches that give it more depth and context.

1. The raccoon getting run over near the "Key Biscayne" sign.

2. Ocean Village.

3. Rivera movie theater.

4. Cleaning ladies outside of 7-11. (A better writer could perhaps concoct an essay about Xemoland as a metaphor for socioeconomic class stratification in Miami. But it is too hot outside, and this is a listicle.)

5. Mercy Hospital.

BONUS: JupiΓ±a snack. Our glorious, sugary, pineapple soda sponsor that year. (Click here to watch a white person drink it.)

If you like Xemoland, you should check out two web series by Daniel Cardenas: Slothvision and Deep Space 69.


Borscht Corp presents


a film by Daniel Cardenas

writer/director: Daniel Cardenas
producers: Daniel Cardenas, Alex Fumero
executive producers: Patrick de Bokay, Josh Miller, Lucas Leyva
cast: Alex Fumero, Daniel Cardenas, Adrian Mesa,
animation & color: Daniel Cardenas, Marcelo Nader, Tris Waples, Emmanuel Espinal, Steven Frey, Henry Thurlow, Brian Kaufman, Giorgio Renna, Daniel Enriquez
color: Daniel Cardenas, Arivia Williams, Spencer Morin, Martin de Bokay, Katrina Kane, Kyle Ginzburg, Emily Dalmas
backgrounds & 3D: Daniel Cardenas, Tyler Bronis
visual effects: Daniel Cardenas, Gary Breslin, At Panoptic
music: Jay Israelson, Otto von Schirach
sound design: Matt Stayton, Cory Czajkowski

commissioned by Borscht Corp.

2009 Miami, FL, USA

Made possible by the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation