The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal 2015

Bleeding Palm

A computer and a woman fall in love only to be torn apart because of their inappropriate feelings for each other.

Christina Felisgrau and Ronnie Rivera (collectively Bleeding Palm) created this film for Borscht 9.


Sundance Film Festival, 2015


"[I]t’s a challenging film that messes with audience perceptionβ€”from its archaic and otherworldly animation to a self-reflexive voice-over narrative read in a digitized voice by Miami artist Agustina Woodgate…. [T]he film is a testament to the metaphysical. The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal explores the cognitive dissonance where the conscious and subconscious meetβ€”where a dreamer seeks to be recognized by her dream, and those in the dream look like peanuts working in an office." - Miami New Times


Sundance Film Festival, 2015
AFI Film Festival, 2015
Maryland International Film Festival, 2015
Miami International Film Festival, 2015
Cineglobe Film Festival, 2015
Cinequest Film Festival, 2015
Sarasota Film Festival, 2015
Aspen Shortsfest, 2015
Provincetown International Film Festival, 2015
Cleveland International Film Festival, 2015
Los Angeles Film Festival, 2015
Imagine Science Film Festival, 2015
New Orleans Film Festival, 2015 (Winner, Animation Jury Award)
Greenhorn Film Festival, 2015
Vendome Film Festival (Malta), 2015
Philadelphia Film Festival, 2015
Eskisehir Film Festival, 2015
Key West Film Festival, 2015
Indie Grits Film Festival, 2015


Borscht Corp presents

The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal

a film by Christina Felisgrau & Ronnie Rivera

directed by: Christina Felisgrau & Ronnie Rivera

produced by: Dennis Scholl, Lucas Leyva, P. Scott Cunningham, Ronnie Rivera

story by: Bernardo Britto, Ronnie Rivera

art & animation: Christina Fegisgrau, Ronnie Rivera

voice by: Tim Meager

tim: Agustina Woodgate

music by: Otto von Schirach, Nayib Estefan

voice recorded by: Greg Alvarez

commissioned by Borscht Corp.

2015 Miami, FL, USA

Made possible by the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation