Selfeed 2014

Jillian Mayer & Tyler Madsen & Erik Carter

Real-time updates of the #selfie tag on Instagram.

Jillian Mayer & Tyler Madsen & Erik Carter created this web installation.


Utah Museum of Fine Arts, 2014


Click here for live version:
Gallery Installation


"[T]he site presents an endless deluge of self-portraits, each one on the screen for less than a second. Certain trends emerge: a downward angle, pursed lips. But more than anything, Selfeed is a pure flood of humanity…. [it] is about inspiration. It creates a kind of communal global, selfie that goes beyond any one person." - TIME Magazine

"It’s like watching the lives of every person in the world flash before your eyes, or a millennial take on Koyaanisqatsi." - Death & Taxes Magazine