Sea Devil 2013

Dean C. Marcial & Brett Potter

An American fisherman attempts to smuggle two Cuban immigrants into Miami, passing them off as day laborers. While the group trawls for shrimp, a fourth person boards the boat, carrying a secret at the bottom of the Ocean.

Dean C. Marcial and Brett Potter created this film for Borscht 8.


Fantasia Film Festival, 2014 (Bronze Audience Award)


"All great horror is rooted in the concept of the chase, which requires three basic ingredients: a unique protagonist, a terrifying antagonist, and immaculate filmmaking craft. Pull off one or two of these elements and you’ve got a smash like It Follows. Hit all three and you’ve got a masterpiece like Halloween or The Thing. While tantalizingly brief, Sea Devil shows all the promise of the latter." - Short of the Week


Slamdance Film Festival, 2015 (Honorable Mention, Best Anarchy Short)
Seattle International Film Festival, 2015
Rooftop Films Summer Screening Series, 2015
RiverRun Film Festival, 2015
Stanley Film Festival, 2015
Fantasia Film Festival, 2014 (Winner, Bronze Audience Award)
New York City Horror Film Festival, 2015


written/directed/edited: Dean C. Marcial and Brett Potter

cast: Antoni Corone, Mario Ernesto Sanchez, Taylor Rouviere, and introducing Moise Brutus

producers: Grant Curatola and Lucas Leyva

executive producer: Jonathan David Kane

cinematography: Noah Chamis

production design: Esther Kim

music: Saunder Juriaans, Daniel Bensi, Damon Hardjowirogo, and Nathan Ritholz

co-producer/vfx: Greg Silverman

sound design: Joe Skinner, Martin Anderson, and Arjun G. Sheth