Otto and the Electric Eel 2011

Andrew Zuchero & Duncan Skiles

In this modern adaptation of a Santeria myth, Miami bass legend Otto Von Schirach (playing the role of Chango, god of thunder) battles to keep an inter-dimensional creature (serpent god Damballah) from ruining his dinner date.

Duncan Skiles and Andrew Zuchero created this film for Borscht 7.


New Orleans Film Festival, 2011


"[One of Seven] Great Films to Look for from Borscht 7. Difficult to explain, but a perfect short film…. Our favorite from the show." - Complex


New Orleans Film Festival, 2011
HBO Latino Film Festival, 2011
Cineglobe Film Festival, 2015
Cinequest Film Festival, 2011
Brooklyn Film Festival, 2011
Gasparilla Film Festival, 2015
Incubate Netherlands Film Festival, 2011
New York International Latino Film Festival, 2012


Borscht Corp presents

Otto and the Electric Eel

a film by Duncan Skiles and Andrew Zuchero

writer: Duncan Skiles

directors: Duncan Skiles and Andrew Zuchero

executive producer: Lucas Leyva, Jonathan Kane

producer: Andrew Hevia

director of photography: Antal Steinbach

editor: Duncan Skiles

production designer: David Tamargo

starring: Otto von Schirach & Monica Lopez de Victoria

eel fx: Robin Comisar

glitch fx: Teddy Gage

original score by: Matt Veligdan

sound design: Otto von Schirach & Duncan Skiles

electric eel theme: Otto von Schirach

assistant camera: Juan Camilio Barriga

glitchtron engineer: Alejandro Espinosa

key grip: Malcolm Jolley

eel painter: Thomas Criswell

art director: Romain Gateau

key production assistant: Jack Elder

production assistant: Kayla Delacerda

publicist: Nick Ducassi

thanks: Brook Dorsch and the Dorsch Gallery, Jessica Gross, Jonathan David Kane, Lindsay Scoggins, Dave Goldstein, Ron Winter, Zach Shukan, Denae Hannah, Diania Merriam, Amanda Crockett

sponsors: Midtown Video, Film Trade

commissioned by Borscht Corp.

2012 Miami, FL, USA

Made possible by the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation