Otto Von Schirach: Salpica 2012

Julian Yuri Rodriguez

Julian Yuri Rodriguez created this video for Otto von Schirach.


SPIN Magazine


"The Cuban/German descended, IDM/breakcore β€˜Miami Bass Warrior’ is back at it again. With another wacky video proving that Miami is in fact the most bizarre place on the planet, I’m sure you’ll agree this chameleon trickster is an absolute genius. The onslaught of quirky and queer acts popping up all over the screen, Otto von Schirach’s quacked-out take on gritty, tropical, trans-planted play is probably one of the most non-normative and hyper-motivating music videos. β€˜Salpica’ pricks with a realness that spits in the face of all forms of convention." - Remezcla

"In the video for β€˜Salpica,’ the first single off his new album, Supermeng, Von Schirach plays a randy, streetwise thug with an uncanny resemblance toThe Big Lebowski’s Jesus Quintana, a tin-foil grill, and a massive cock (actually, a fairly standard-sized rooster); the song’s a tongue-in-cheek love letter both to Miami’s scantily-clad mamis and the bass-heavy sound of local legends like 2 Live Crew." - SPIN Magazine