Nekama 2014

Cristine Brache

Nekama is a virtual world, an infectious model of trans-individual identity and proliferates as such, embodied by self-replicating twin sisters in an impossible archipelago of wasted jungle that is massively undergrown by fungi. To enter, one must take on the same face of the twin; to play, one must become many.

Cristine Brache created this film for Borscht 9.


Vox Populi Gallery, 2015


360/Virtual Reality Experience


Borscht Corp presents


a film by Cristine Brache

director/editor: Cristine Brache
writers:Cristine Brache
cast: Piotr Bockowski, Marianna Szewczyk, Angela Guyton, Cristine Brache
camera: Piotr Bockowski, Cristine Brache
sound design: Michael Arcos, Rodrigo Constanzo
postproduction assistance: Ronnie Rivera, Rachel Rossin
color correction: Rachel Rossin, Sam Kuhn, Cristine Brache

commissioned by Borscht Corp.

2014 Miami, FL, USA

Made possible by the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation