Makeup Tutorial: How to Hide from Cameras 2013

Jillian Mayer

A makeup tutorial that teaches YouTubers how to hide from cameras and facial-recognition algorithms.

Jillian Mayer created this film for Borscht 8.


"[O]ne of Miami native Jillian Mayer’s latest ventures into the strange…. Mayer's How to Hide From Cameras uses the format of a YouTube makeup tutorialβ€”itself typically a private act offered up to cameraβ€”to highlight the pervasiveness of surveillance and our cheerful acquiescence to it. It's bizarre and very funny, and not without a chilling undertone." - Miami New Times

"Mayer’s sense of humor is somewhat of a signature to her extensive body of work, where she deals with critical topicsβ€”like identity in relation to technology and the merging of the twoβ€”in a light-hearted and easy way, helping her audience to take in its meaning." - aqnb