Jacuzzi Boys: Glazin 2012


We released this one as the "Jacuzzi G@ls," calling it a fan video. It promptly got banned from everywhere (not before getting a half million views in 36 hours on YouTube). Even the label tried to disown it, sent us cease and desist letters, etc. For legal reasons, the official website had to be hosted on the same Swedish server that is home to NAMBLA, Wikileaks, et al. We stay in character for interviews and twitter.

Mayer\Leyva created this video for The Jacuzzi Boys.


SXSW Film Festival, 2012


Official Website
Interview in Character
SXSW Panel 2013 (Case Study: Vagina Puppets and Fair Use)


"Best Music Video of the Year" - Eric Wareheim, Tim & Eric

"Worst Music Video Ever. Ruined vaginas for me." - Joseph Kahn, Director of the "Thong Song"