I Am Your Grandma 2011


An autobiographical video diary log (vlog) that Jillian Mayer records for her unborn grandchildren.

Jillian Mayer created this film for Borscht 7.


SXSW Film Festival, 2012


Web Installation
Official Remix by Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit)
Original Soundtrack
Several Hundred Remakes


"To date, I Am Your Grandma has gotten almost a million hits. It has been spoofedβ€”mostly by kids. It has spawned micro-communities on Facebook and YouTube. Its title has entered the online Urban Dictionary as a slang term for β€˜when something is really weird and terrifying and traumatizing in a way you can't forget.’" - Art Papers

"I could tell you it's an artist who is giving a video message to her future unborn grandchild, but that wouldn't do it justice. Throw in some David Lynch and Salvador Dali and you're getting a bit closer to the mark…. [I]t’s definitely a bit β€˜out there,’ [but] it’s also strangely hypnotizing. I like art. I like odd. And I think I like Jillian Mayer. " CBS News


SXSW Film Festival, 2012
Cineglobe Film Festival, 2015
Glasgow Short Film Festival, 2014
Key West Film Festival, 2013
Gasparilla Film Festival, 2015


Borscht Corp presents

I Am Your Grandma

a film by Jillian Mayer

writer/director: Jillian Mayer
producers: Jillian Mayer, Lucas Leyva
cinematographer: Daniel Fernandez
editor: Lucas Leyva
production designer: Jillian Mayer
music: Michael-John Hancock, Jillian Mayer
costumes & makeup: WILDCHILD WORLD
production assistant: Layla Youssef Bessiso

commissioned by Borscht Corp.

2011 Miami, FL, USA

Made possible by the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation