#PostModem 2013


A comedic satirical sci-fi pop-musical based on the theories of Ray Kurzweil and other futurists. It's the story of two Miami girls and how they deal with the technological singularity, as told through as series of cinematic tweets.

Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva (collectively Mayer\Leyva) created this film for Borscht 8.


Sundance Film Festival, 2013


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"One of the 10 Most Stunning Independent Movies at Sundance" - Huffington Post

"Among the best, the strangest, and the most entertaining films at SXSW" - TIME Magazine

"Mind- and style-bending… uses the possibility of the singularity in our near future as a springboard to deliver one of the most visually assaultive, mildly terrifying and eerily humorous shorts I’ve seen in some time." - Filmmaker Magazine


Sundance Film Festival, 2013 (Finalist, Short Film Grand Jury Prize)
Sundance Next Weekend, 2013
SXSW Film Festival, 2013
AFI Film Festival, 2013
HBO New York Latino Film Festival, 2012
New York Film Festival, 2013
MoMA’s Carte Blanche: 25 Years of Filmmaker Magazine Retrospective, 2013
Cineglobe Film Festival, 2015
Milan Film Festival, 2012
New Zealand Film Festival, 2013
Athens Film and Video Festival, 2012
Incubate Netherlands Film Festival, 2012
Sydney Underground Film Festival, 2013
Gasparilla Film Festival, 2015
Glasgow Short Film Festival, 2012
Rotterdam Film Festival, 2012
BAMcinemafest, 2012
Imagine Amsterdam Film Festival, 2013
Los Angeles Film Festival, 2012
Rockland Shorts at the Farnsworth Art Museum 2012
Mecal International Film Festival, 2012
Atlanta Film Festival, 2012
Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2012
Sarasota Film Festival, 2012
Dallas Film Festival, 2012
Nashville Film Festival, 2012
Maryland Film Festival, 2012
DeadCenter Film Festival, 2012
CFC (Canadian Film Centre) Film Festival, 2012
Rooftop Film Screening Series, 2012
CinemaTeket Oslo, 2012
LA Shorts Film Festival, 2012
Boston Underground Film Festival, 2012 (Winner, Best Short Film)
USA Film Festival, 2012 (Finalist, Best Short Film)
Provincetown Film Festival, 2012
Columbia Gorge Film Festival, 2012
Chicago Underground Film Festival, 2012 (Honorable Mention, Best Short Film)
Minneapolis Underground Film Festival, 2012
Atlantic Film Festival, 2012
New Orleans Film Festival, 2012
Raindance Film Festival, 2012
IFP Center, 2012
Eastern Oregon Film Festival, 2013
CMW Film Festival, 2013
Outlier Film Festival, 2013
Loft Film Festival, 2013
SF Indiefest, 2013
Imagine Science Kaluga, Russia, 2013
Key West Film Festival, 2013
Imagine Science Film Festival NYC Tacoma Film Festival, 2013
Nevada City Film Festival, 2013
Citizen Jane Film Festival, 2013
La Di Da Film Festival, 2013
Northside Film Festival, 2013
Flatpack Film Festival, 2013
Silo Sessions Berlin, 2013
Chicago International Music and Movie Festival, 2013
Winterthur Film Festival, 2013


Borscht Corp presents


a film by Mayer\Leyva

writer/director/designer: Jillian Mayer
writer/director/editor: Lucas Leyva
director of photography: Daniel Fernandez
producers: Jonathan David Kane, Arly Montes
executive producer: Dennis Scholl
associate producer: Nick Ducassi
cast: Jillian Mayer, Kayla Delacerda, Sidney Greenberg, Amy Seimetz, Arly Montes, Jesse Miller, Shivers TheDog
kids: Emerson Old, Mason Galinis, Ezekiel Paul, Mikael Paul, Lindsey Santamaria, Isabella Horvath, Connor Keenan
avatars: Brandon Smith
special effects: Dan Frantz
wardrobe: Wildchild World
makeup: Jasmin Morris
audio: Mike Harvey
gaffer: Jose Fernandez
camera assistant: Carlos Gonzalez
sound design: Seripidesound, Diego Meza-Valdes, Cory Czajkowski
music: Jillian Mayer, Michael-John Hancock, Jonathan Snipes
production support: Brentlie Samuels, Rocio Guevara, Alan Grover
special thanks: Alberto Ibarguen, Dennis Scholl, Midtown Video, Mar Media, Film Trade, Young at Art Museum, Andres Meza-Valdes, Pedro Urbina, Mindy M. Shrago, Zach Spechler, Honor Roll Records, Nick Scapa, David Castillo Gallery, Francesca Leyva

commissioned by Borscht Corp.

2013 Miami, FL, USA

Made possible by the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation