Jul 29, 2015 BORSCHT vs DUMBO

New Yorkers! You may live in a place writer Nick Pinkerton described as"A PROHIBITIVELY-EXPENSIVE RANCID HELLHOLE RAPIDLE BEING DENUDED OF ALL HUMAN CHARACTER WANTS SOME ARTISANAL SHIT?" but, at least for this weekend, you can have some Borscht.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday, the 30th) and going until Monday (August 2nd), IFP is hosting the first Borscht Retrospective in your aggressively marketed 'greatest city in the world' (-Taylor Swift).

It's free but you have to RSVP here.

Because it's in NY, the heartland of America's content farm, Art in America (gently) suggested you check it out! 

Miamians, Miamites, we are still yours.

Enjoy the summertime sadness (-via 2k13 LDR).




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