Dec 09, 2015 WHAT A TIME / TO BE ALIVE

Hello friends!

This year 8,712 short films were submitted to the Sundance Film Festival, the most prestigious festival in the country. Of those, only 41 US fiction shorts were selected.

Four of them were Borscht shorts.

This will be the sixth year in a row Borscht shorts represent Miami at Sundance, and will bring the total of our films played there to 10.

From the initial inspiration and help making the films, to showing up by the thousands when the rough cuts are screened at the Borscht Film’s truly a collaborative effort, and none of this happens without the love from Miami, our volunteers, the support from the local industry, the Knight Foundation, and all the people who read these silly emails.

When we started this quixotic project with a dumb name years ago, we never dreamt that we would send shorts to Sundance for six years in a row to represent Miami, much less that this tiny community would represent 10% of American short-form filmmaking at this festival. We are humbled and grateful that the Sundance programmers deem the projects worthy of this platform.

So, thank you all and congrats!

The shorts are:

Dolfun by Sebastian Silva
A love story becomes an existential crisis when Silva fulfills his lifelong dream of swimming with a dolphin.

Glove by Alexa Haas and Bernardo Britto
After accidentally being unclipped from a spacecraft, an astronaut’s glove travels to the edge of the universe.
[Bernardo is also premiering his feature Jacqueline (Argentine) at the festival, which was partially shot in Miami!]

Boniato by Diego Meza-Valdes, Andres Meza-Valdes, and Eric Mainade
A migrant worker who is illegally in the U.S. decides it’s time to move on from picking crops and find a better job. Little does she know insidious supernatural forces have a different plan for her.
(watch trailer here)

Swimming in Your Skin Again by Terence Nance which you can watch in its entirety today on Nowness!
A film about motherhood, banality, Miami, the water, the divine feminine and how to sing in church in a way that calls forth your own adulthood.

Most of these films played in rough form at the last Borscht Film Festival, which was just named one of the 25 Coolest Festivals in the World by MovieMaker Magazine

All this to say:

Thank you!!!



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