Oct 24, 2016 Your Life/Weekend Will Not Be the Same

I know some of you are tired of hearing how astoundingly beautiful and life-changing the Miami-made film Moonlight is, but we are definitely not tired of talking about it.

This weekend (TONIGHT) the film opens in Miami, and we want to encourage every single human in this city to see it. It is without a doubt, the Most Important Miami Movie (since Bad Boys 2, at least).

It opened last weekend in Los Angeles and New York to astoundingly beautiful and life-changing the record-breaking box office, and if people in those cities can show up for a film by Miami natives that takes place in Liberty City, there is no reason the home team shouldn't show up as well.

It's playing at O Cinema (we encourage you to support our independent cinemas), however if they are sold out, it is also playing at the Regal South Beach 18 and AMC Aventura 24. Buy tickets! Sell it out!

Even if you are planning to see another movie for whatever reason, buy a ticket to Moonlight and sneak into the other movie. If you get caught just blame us, a person on the internet!

For over a decade, we've led the charge to create the conditions where this sort of film could be made in this city. When we started, people laughed in our faces when we told them that Miami stories would one day be shared with the world. We've come this far, and the biggest way you can help make sure there is a continued interested in our amazing local storytellers is to buy a ticket. THIS WEEKEND.

Ultimately the thing that drives what sort of movies are being made is the bottom line, and if you want more films about people of color, Miami, queer people, or films that treat minorities as fully-realized humans with depth and internal lives rather than crude caricatures, buy a ticket to see this film. Convince a friend to come with you too (Janaelle Monae and dude from House of Cards and Luke Cage are in it!)

Here's a trailer:

After that, you should go home and immediately watch Jacqueline (Argentine), the Sundance-approved feature film by Miami-bred Bernardo Britto! The film also takes place in Miami, and was just released on demand on Vimeo (it's on iTunes too).

Here's a trailer for that:

Jacqueline (Argentine) from FilmBuff on Vimeo.

More about the film: A filmmaker (Wyatt Cenac, "The Daily Show") receives a series of panicked emails and phone calls from a young French woman named Jacqueline Dumont (Camille Rutherford). She invites him to Argentina to document her self-imposed political exile after supposedly leaking US government secrets detailing a planned assassination. Jacqueline expects dramatic fallout and wants the filmmaker there to capture it all on camera. But upon arriving at the remote holistic center where Jacqueline is hiding out, the filmmaker and his two interns begin to suspect that her story might be exaggerated (or completely made up). The film they eventually make is the one we watch – more of an absurd comedy than the political thriller they bargained for.

Miami, we've come this far, support the films now that they exist!!

Aaanythingggg is posssibleeeeeeee!!!

- Borscht <3


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