Feb 09, 2017 Borscht Day 4: Trina! Big Night At The Olympia! Shart Tank!

Yesterday we reached the halfway point of announcing our slate of events for Borscht Diez and legendary Miami filmmaker Billy Corben said it is already "one of the greatest film festival lineup ever."

Today we begin announcing our plans for the weekend with our Saturday lineup, wherein the rising tide creeps from Friday's events on the beach to Downtown Miami.

The first half of the day is a series of our version of panels and lectures called Borscht T Time. Then there is a live taping of a game show, followed by our main night of screenings and culminating in a Pamplemousse Party celebrating female filmmakers, with a concert headlined by none other than Trina, our reining Diamond Princess.

Borscht Diez is a 5-day celebration and artistic engagement of what it means to be a dying city. It will be fun! hehehe

While we try to make our events as free/cheap as possible, we suggest giving a donation of anywhere from $5-$15 a ticket to continue to support our programming.

View the line up for our fourth day here!


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