Feb 07, 2017 Borscht Day Two Lineup: Waterworld! Jetskis! No New Waves!


Oh man it’s only day two and it’s already (maybe) the most epic collection of cinematic events to ever happen to Miami. It’s so good that they don’t want us to do these events, but we are going to do them anyway!

In preparation for our inevitable post-diluvian existence, this is the first film festival that requires no solid land! All of Thursday’s events will take place on the water, in or around Biscayne Bay!

Borscht Diez is a 5-day celebration and artistic engagement of what it means to be a dying city. It will be fun! hehehe

While we try to make our events as free/cheap as possible, we suggest giving a donation of anywhere from $5-$15 a ticket to continue to support our programming.

View the line up for our second day here!


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