Feb 08, 2017 Borscht Day 3: Coral Orgy! Animal Collective! Pootie Tang!

Oh Helloooo

Time to announce our next batch of events for our film festival in just over two weeks! As fond as we are of hyperbole, there is no amount of hype that can do our Friday lineup justice. All of Friday’s events will take place on Miami Beach, surely the first to go under and be re-colonized by corals.

Suffice it to say, it is the best day of programming we have ever put together, with CORAL ORGY as the crown jewel. Don't procrastinate on these tickets- they are very limited and will go quickly, and we have a small amount that are available for $25 but only for the next 24 hours!

Borscht Diez is a 5-day celebration and artistic engagement of what it means to be a dying city. It will be fun! hehehe

While we try to make our events as free/cheap as possible, we suggest giving a donation of anywhere from $5-$15 a ticket to continue to support our programming.

View the line up for our third day here!


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