Dec 10, 2016 Sweet Home Hialeah

Beloved soup enthusiasts

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that thanks to a new grant from Cinereach, Borscht is finally able to move into new world headquarters in Hialeah and establish a home base for our filmmaking community. Yay!

Five years ago Borscht launched with a simple mission to redefine cinema in Miami. Local filmmakers created Borscht in response to a lack of regional infrastructure and support, empowering artists to tell fresh Miami stories. Many distinct perspectives go unheard of not for lack of talent or storytelling ability, but access to the medium’s prohibitively expensive tools and development pipelines.

While the majority of filmmakers Borscht works with are minorities or women, this has never been an explicit part of what we seek to do. It seemed intuitive that our sets and films be as diverse as the city where our projects are made. But as we've continued to gain experience outside of our magical Borscht bubble, we've come to realize this variety of viewpoints is a rare experience. For example, we were shocked to learn that at a major film festival this year, 50% of US fiction shorts by Latinos were Borscht commissions. Cinereach’s support situates us in a unique position to further Borscht's work developing and amplifying the reach of our heterogenous regional narratives and content creators.

Cinereach ( is a not-for-profit film foundation and production company that believes we need groundbreaking stories to help us grapple with the complexities of our time. While Cinereach is primarily known for its direct support of over 200 independent fiction, nonfiction, and hybrid feature films (including Citizenfour, Evolution of a Criminal, Cutie and the Boxer, Pariah and Beasts of the Southern Wild), the organization is also committed to removing systemic barriers to innovation, and equalizing access to resources, to create optimal conditions for culturally impactful films to be made. By contributing to the development of a physical space large enough for not just our operations, but also our filmmaking community at large, this grant will create a home base with doors open to local filmmakers to inhabit and develop their voices.

We’ve hit the ground running and have already moved into our new studio, reinforcing in brick and mortar our commitment to supporting the diversity and sustainability of the creative workforce involved in film production. Not only will the Cinereach funding go toward a headquarters for our community, but also infrastructure and access to proper equipment for our city’s diverse talent with little access to the traditional development mechanisms such as talent agencies or established arts institutions.

Get to know the our space, our filmmakers, and our dogs this Saturday December 10th and at the Borscht Open House. Doors open at 9:00 p.m. (4000 NW 36th Ave, Miami, FL 33142). Say hi.

besos and hugs.


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