Nov 28, 2016 Announcing MAJOR ? collaboration w/ LaCroix Sparkling Water lol

Hey beautiful friends,

Happy Borscht, Happy whatever, happy happiness. Happy new week.

A few months ago we announced an initiative called the NO BRO ZONE at Borscht, based on the simple idea that at no point in our process would a female filmmaker need to ask a man for permission to tell her story.

Today, we are proud to announce that delicious, sparking, lightly-flavored elixir of the gods, La Croix, has stepped in to support the initiative!

Borscht La Croix No Bro Zone!

Not only is LaCroix Sparking Water helping us give grants to female filmmakers and showering us with virtually unlimited, delightfully carbonated water, but they are also sponsoring an event celebrating female-identifying artists at the next Borscht Film Festival: A PAMPLEMOUSSE PARTY!!!!!

This is not a drill this is real life!

besos and hugs.

don't let anything stop you from trying to make things in this weird, weirdddddd world.

you are all amazing.


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