Feb 21, 2017 MAIN EVENT Short Film Lineup announced!!!

It's here! The lineup for our MAIN NIGHT!!!
Saturday, February 25, 2017
Olympia Theater 7PM
Miami, Fla, USA

See the films that Local hero film critic Rene Rodriguez previewed and said:
"Borscht’s work has shown the world there is a young and vital arts community in Miami making original films imbued with the city’s unique sensibilities. Underneath the group’s playful, irreverent veneer is a serious commitment to creative expression, hard work and intellectual curiosity...And the intangible qualities that have become Borscht trademarks β€” a playful, brash sense of humor, zero tolerance for self-importance, pop-culture savvy and unexpected, sometimes poetic beauty β€” permeate this year’s batch of short films." - Miami Herald Cover Story
'Tickets are still available (only $9) and get you into the PAMPLEMOUSSE AFTERPARTY right across the street!
This event was made possible by Cinereach. They are great!

Most of the films you will see tonight were made specifically for this event. These commissions were supported by grants from our partners at Knight Foundation, OneFifty, and LaCroix.

* Denotes Commission.
** Denotes Commission supported by OneFifty First Generation Voices Grants (for first generation American filmmakers).
** Denotes Commission supported by LaCroix #NOBROZONE Grants (for female-identifying filmmakers).
dir. Robin Comisar
Woman get stuck in a Red Lobster commercial.

MIAMI 2001 **
dir. Nick Corirossi
Found footage created and edited by the 2001 South Miami High school shooter.

Deer Squad
dir. Scott Ross
Kelvin PeΓ±a befriends a group of wild deer in his backyard.

dir. Xander Robin
Lance is on a quest to become the #1 lizard collector in South Florida.

Standard Lease Agreement
dir. Jim Cummings/Dustin Hahn/Julia Bales
A woman and a realtor go through her lease.

Agua Viva **
dir. by Alexa Haas
A manicurist in Miami attempts to communicate her inner desires, feelings, and daydreams through a language she cannot speak.

Foam Sweet Foam ***
dir. Kelly Loudenberg
A video essay on the uncanny foam furniture used as designer training props by police and SWAT.

My Trip to Miami *
dir. Dylan Redford
I'm going on vacation to Miami for a week and will document myself visiting all of TripAdvisor’s β€œ315 Top Attractions in Miami.”

Miedo de Monos **
dir. Michael Arcos
When I was younger my dad would always tell me a story about why he was scared of monkeys. It went something like this.

Suddenly We Jumped
dir. Antonia Wright
A performance for video in which the artist's nude body breaks through a sheet of glass, becoming a fully functional, mechanized weapon of simultaneous destruction and creation.

dir. Julian Yuri Rodriguez
A boy wants to make sure his doggy goes to heaven.

Sale El Sol ***
dir. Caroline Castro
A documentation of the anticipation, exhilaration, fear, space, time, and experience of imminent tropical storms/hurricanes in an increasingly inundated Miami.

Kaiju Bunraku **
dir. Mayer\Leyva
A day in the life of a husband and a wife living in a world of giant monsters.

Day Off 4 **
dir. Jillian Mayer
Virtual reality of virtual reality of virtual reality of virtual reality of...

Soft Tissue Issues
dir. Juan Matos
Lucas hangs out at the park on a rainy day and eats a mango.

Sequence 02 1
dir. Cristine Brache
The filmmaker has a conversation about appearance with her grandparents, captured through the lens of gendered experience.

dir. Giancarlo Loffredo
A young girl sings a song in a Latin cafe.

Body Heals
dir. Annelise Ogaard
A dispatch from a plastic surgery vacation, reflecting on beauty in the moment of metamorphosis after the knife goes in, but before the bandages come off.

dir. Jillian Mayer
Mimicking the appropriative gestures of advertising and prosumer media, Mayer’s direct message explores what can be obtained from a face.

Brooding **
dir. Coral Morphologic
Sex on the reef.

PLUR ***
dir. King Coochie
A claymation adaptation of a series of actual voicemails.

Fanimaltastic! **
dir. Karen Linda Johnson and Ms. Garcia's 7th Grade Film Explorer's Club
The only talk show for you and your pets!

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