Aug 12, 2015 So MTV gave us a show

Dearest Friends,

Sometimes we are so busy making things in our manic quest to battle our personal demons tell Miami stories, we forget to tell you when we are done with them.

Well, somehow we forgot to tell you about our little MTV show called No Seasons, named after the Jacuzzi Boys song.

You can watch the first 8 episodes on or on Vimeo below:

Created by Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer, No Seasons is a surreality show that follows the adventures of Julian Yuri Rodriguez as he tries to become a niΓ±o bueno (good kid) while navigating Miami's strange, dark underworld. 

It's about love and maturity and violence and Catholicism and race and being human and how this world can be hard and confusing but everyone is just doing their best to exist and find moments of weirdness and beauty in their lives. There is also a monkey in it!

You may remember the origins of this series from Borscht 7's opener Piratas in 2011. It's basically that. But as a show. For tweens.

Oh, here are some pictures of actual human beings with our logo tattooed on them:

All Life is Real,



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