Feb 21, 2017 How many LaCroix cans does it take to fill a jacuzzi?

After our MAIN NIGHT screening, directly across the street we will be activating the beautiful Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building with giant projections, installations, performances, delicious sparkling LaCroix, and Peroni!

Best of all, you get in free if you get a ticket to our big screening ($9) OR you can buy an individual event ticket for just $5.

Pamplemousse Party!!
Saturday, February 25, 2017
Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building 11PM
Miami, Fla, USA

Welcome to the #NOBROZONE, a celebration of female-identifying artists and debut of works created within an ecosystem where no men were involved in the green-lighting process.
Enjoy the Pamplemousse Bar serving delicious LaCroix, Candela Mamajuana, and Peroni!!

β€œζ²ˆι»™γŒηͺ’息です” (Silence is Suffocation) by Adriana De La Torre
Suddenly She Jumped by Antonia Wright
Slumpie Garden Showroom by Jillian Mayer
pp pants (for Brad) by Cristine Brache
LaCroix Fan Fiction by Gabrielle Horruitiner
Growing Girl by Marnie Ellen
PLUR by King Coochie
Foam Sweet Foam by Kelly Loudenberg
Escaped Exotics Field Guide by Rachel Johnson
Wild Lines 2 by Fereshteh Toosi
Poetry Curtains by sadpapsmear
Happy Birthday Peg Experience (for men) by Betsy Holt
Happy Birthday Peg Experience (for women) by Betsy Holt

11:15 PM
Hyperbody Fitness! by Hyperbody & Honda

11:45 PM
Growing Girl
by Marnie Ellen
Original music by Dan Deacon

12:15 AM

1:00 AM
Jazzy F.

1:15 AM

Vouge Ball by Catwalk

MC: Will-o Mizrahi
DJs: Gooddroid (Loveless/Materia/House of Infiniti), Nigby, GET FACE
Categories: Vouge Performance / Virgin Vouge / Realness / Best Dressed
Judges: Tone Milan, Sierra Mizrahi, Trigga Ebony, Jonny Infiniti

LaCroix #NoBroZone Shorts
Films by female-identifying artists.
*Denotes Borscht Corp LaCroix Sparkling Water #NoBroZone commission.
These films were made in an ecosystem where there were no men involved in any
aspect of the green lighting process, meaning they did not need to ask a man
for permission to tell their stories.

Suddenly We Jumped
by Antonia Wright
A performance for video in which the artist’s nude body breaks through a sheet
of glass. The performance is a transformative moment, where Wright’s
own body becomes a fully functional, mechanized weapon of simultaneous destruction and creation.

Fangirl Mail*
by Ambar Navarro
An animated/live-action documentary explores an online fascination of who we
follow and why we form these online friendships.

by Jillian Mayer
Virtual reality of virtual reality of virtual reality of...

How Would You Dress Me?
by Natalia Lassalle-Morillo
A short film that deals with the realization of one of my mother’s greatest fantasies: giving her full permission to dress me as she pleases.

by Hope Harrelson
Using the internet as a model REMEMBERED BODY centers around concerns of authorship, conquest, the self, and syncretism as they exist at the convergence of Miami’s diaspora communities.

Growing Girl*
by Marnie Ellen
Growing Girl is one woman’s story of vengeance and that aching feeling from all the things you wish you would have said.

β€œζ²ˆι»™γŒηͺ’息です” (Silence is Suffocation)
by Adriana De La Torre
A short abstraction of BIPOLAR DISORDER; a chronic mental illness that causes dramatic shifts in a person’s mood, energy and ability to think clearly.

Escaped Exotics*
by Rachel Johnson
A series of ethnobotanical videos uncover the unseen histories latent in the alien anatomies of invasive non-native species embedded within the landscape of South Florida.

200 Nam Nam
by Marcelline Mandeng
Experimental remake of the 1999 Robin Williams feature film comedy β€œBicentennial Man”, starring Marcelline as β€œNam Nam,” a robot who wanders the earth for 200 years trying to become human so she can die.

Wild Lines 2: Edny*
by Fereshteh Torsi
Chicago-based artist Fereshteh Toosi’s documentary short about a unique Miami resident.

El Otro Lado
by Ana Trevino
A video installation that allows the viewer to experience my journey crossing the border separating Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Over and Under and Through
by Desiree Moore
As Iris navigates adolescence, she must also navigate the home; which maps a patriarch-established structure that Iris must follow. Uncomfortable with this pre-destined architecture, Iris the wild Floridian landscape within her mind and with out boundaries.

Cave of Swimmers
by Alejandra Abad
Tells the symbolic, mythical, and abstract story of how they came to be, how they left left their lands, from primordial water and magical light to early cave paintings to the modern concert stage.

You Will Meet The Bringer (Bringer I & Bringer II [starring Rober Deniro])*
by Devyn Waitt
A native Floridian returns home with her boyfriend to find a new housing development may be disrupting the original inhabitants of the land.

The Singularity Parts 1 and 2
by Marissa Goldman
In the one and only TIMES SQUARE, Marissa G (looking ever-so profesh) asks people what they think about the singularity.
Sweaty Mother Slow Groove
by Devin Harclerode
An engagement in magical thinking that proposes a displacement of swamp methodologies into the virtual realm via the cyborg-goddess hybrid, the metaphorical swamp is the possibility of a mushy danger zone that harnesses the absorption of an unwanted space: a disintegration of the binary and the soft-coded awareness of the body as a process, not a site.

EFFERVESCENCE (a program of movement-based videos)
Innovative video work at the intersection of film, dance, and performance art, highlighting women and queer artists exploring embodied movement and experimental narratives. Curated by Whitney Mallett.

Ecdysis by Keenon Brice
I Lose Myself Because I Can by Erin Grant
Re: Hello From The Other Side by Rindon Johnson
Breath, Movement, and Purpose by Adriana Cristal x Negashi Armada
Gloss of Forehead by Anna K.E.
butoh v. kingston by Miles Pflanz
Mana Alien Chaninqa ft. β€œMana Chaninqa” by the Sorry Entertainers by Claire CΓ΄tΓ©
Trinidad by Lily Gottschalk

With themes of dance, performative identity, and critical ethnography, this selection of videos presents a diverse exploration of makeup, masks, and hypermediation in contemporary culture. While the subjects of these videos, ranging from Congolese folk dancing to American religious miming, disrupt the expectations of feminist video art, put in conversation with more familiar investigations of female identity, through makeup, self-portraiture, and sexually explicit dance, together this program presents a sophisticated and unpredictable examination of identity, where the female artist is both consumer and consumed. Curated by Whitney Mallett.

Congo Super 8 by Lesley Nicole Braun #DONTJUDGEMEBYE by Dese Escobar Without a Body by FlucT LIVE VIRTUAL DJ PERFORMANCE by Sadaf H. Nava Gospel Mime by Whitney Mallett

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