Jun 27, 2016 BRO FREE ZONE Established @ Borscht

Hello NSA! Hello Borscht friend! Hello Interwebz! As you may know, we are accepting grant applications for Borscht Diez. As you may (not) know, the deadline is this Friday, July 1st (hehe). With grant-making season drawing to a close, and Lady Liberty's birthday just around the corner, we wanted to share a very special, very feminist new initiative of ours with you.

This year, Borscht will increase its creative and financial support of women filmmakers by establishing a BRO FREE ZONE. What does this mean, you ask? As a female-driven organization, it's important to us that women filmmakers not encounter the barricades of skepticism and sexism they often face when seeking funding.

So, in addition to this doubling down, all funding/support for female-driven Borscht Diez projects will be determined exclusively by women on the Borscht team. This BRO FREE ZONE will ensure women creators have a safe space to get weird on their own terms.

Get to werq on those apps, everybody! Time is running out. When you finish your app, please enjoy these Slumpies videos by our Most Esteemed & Highly Benevolent Mother of Mercy Jillian Mayer at your leisure.



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