May 25, 2016 Announcing a new partnership with Time Warner 150!!

Some big news: we can finally announce our partnership with Time Warner! Thanks to this new partnership, we are happy to be able to give out even more grants and support this year with the creation of the OneFifty 1st Generation Grant. Yayyyyyy

Here's an official statement with more info:
We are proud to announce a grant specifically supporting the voices of first generation American filmmakers. While the majority of filmmakers we support are minorities or women, this has never been an explicit part of our mission. We never gave a second thought to our sets and films being as diverse as the city where they were made, but as we begin to gain experience working on projects outside of the magical Borscht bubble, we realize that this diversity is a rare experience. For example, we were shocked to learn that at a major film festival this year, 50% of US fiction shorts by Latinos were Borscht commissions.

Time Warner Inc., home of HBO, Warner Bros and Turner Broadcasting, is one of the Hollywood powers actually doing something about this. They support organizations like ours to correct the absurdity of under representation in film. It is in partnership with Time Warner’s OneFifty, an incubator financing content from artists who take risks and investing directly in storytellers whose voices resonate with diverse global audiences, that we offer this grant. By supporting first generation American filmmakers specifically, this grant will create content reflective of our world and amplify those voices that we at Borscht already nurture.

Not only will the funding go towards the creation of new cinematic projects, but this partnership will also create a direct talent pipeline from our small regional films to much larger platforms. There are several Borscht filmmakers who have already entered this pipeline: Hialeah’s own Marco Ramirez (A Toast from Borscht 7) is currently writing the new Akira adaptation for Warner Brothers, Mayer\Leyva (#PostModem from Borscht 8) have just finished shooting a pilot for Warner OneFifty, and the Meza Brothers (Boniato from Borscht 9) are developing episodic digital content for Warner Next.

Now, with the same free application we’ve always had, filmmakers can apply for a OneFifty 1st Generation Filmmakers Grant available here.

Tamir Muhammad, Director of Content & Artist Development at OneFifty says:“OneFifty is proud to partner with Borscht Corp., an artists’ collective whose proven commitments to taking risks and owning their narrative reflects our own.This funding recognizes the further support needed to amplify their existing strategy: to elevate the vibrant, varied of voices of Miami and now the stories from 1st generation storytellers, globally. Jillian, Lucas and their team have built a brand that is unapologetically artistic, and we are thrilled to help provide grants to further 1st generation immigrant voices under their tutelage.”

Nothing we do will change. With this grant, we can just do it bigger. We retain complete autonomy while working with the OneFifty team, who have the utmost respect for the creative process and are valuable sources of knowledge to our community. We are excited to share this opportunity with our community as we continue to grow together, amplifying our Miami voices across the globe.

You can find out more about Time Warner’s 150 but visiting their website below:


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