After our MAIN NIGHT screening, directly across the street we will be activating the beautiful Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building with giant projections, installations, performances, delicious sparkling LaCroix, and Peroni!

Best of all, you get in free if you get a ticket to our big screening ($9) OR you can buy an individual event ticket for just $5.

Pamplemousse Party!!
Saturday, February 25, 2017
Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building 11PM
Miami, Fla, USA

Welcome to the #NOBROZONE, a celebration of female-identifying artists and debut of works created within an ecosystem where no men were involved in the green-lighting process.
Enjoy the Pamplemousse Bar serving delicious LaCroix, Candela Mamajuana, and Peroni!!

โ€œๆฒˆ้ป™ใŒ็ช’ๆฏใงใ™โ€ (Silence is Suffocation) by Adriana De La Torre
Suddenly She Jumped by Antonia Wright
Slumpie Garden Showroom by Jillian Mayer
pp pants (for Brad) by Cristine Brache
LaCroix Fan Fiction by Gabrielle Horruitiner
Growing Girl by Marnie Ellen
PLUR by King Coochie
Foam Sweet Foam by Kelly Loudenberg
Escaped Exotics Field Guide by Rachel Johnson
Wild Lines 2 by Fereshteh Toosi
Poetry Curtains by sadpapsmear
Happy Birthday Peg Experience (for men) by Betsy Holt
Happy Birthday Peg Experience (for women) by Betsy Holt

11:15 PM
Hyperbody Fitness! by Hyperbody & Honda

11:45 PM
Growing Girl
by Marnie Ellen
Original music by Dan Deacon

12:15 AM

1:00 AM
Jazzy F.

1:15 AM

Vouge Ball by Catwalk

MC: Will-o Mizrahi
DJs: Gooddroid (Loveless/Materia/House of Infiniti), Nigby, GET FACE
Categories: Vouge Performance / Virgin Vouge / Realness / Best Dressed
Judges: Tone Milan, Sierra Mizrahi, Trigga Ebony, Jonny Infiniti

LaCroix #NoBroZone Shorts
Films by female-identifying artists.
*Denotes Borscht Corp LaCroix Sparkling Water #NoBroZone commission.
These films were made in an ecosystem where there were no men involved in any
aspect of the green lighting process, meaning they did not need to ask a man
for permission to tell their stories.

Suddenly We Jumped
by Antonia Wright
A performance for video in which the artistโ€™s nude body breaks through a sheet
of glass. The performance is a transformative moment, where Wrightโ€™s
own body becomes a fully functional, mechanized weapon of simultaneous destruction and creation.

Fangirl Mail*
by Ambar Navarro
An animated/live-action documentary explores an online fascination of who we
follow and why we form these online friendships.

by Jillian Mayer
Virtual reality of virtual reality of virtual reality of...

How Would You Dress Me?
by Natalia Lassalle-Morillo
A short film that deals with the realization of one of my motherโ€™s greatest fantasies: giving her full permission to dress me as she pleases.

by Hope Harrelson
Using the internet as a model REMEMBERED BODY centers around concerns of authorship, conquest, the self, and syncretism as they exist at the convergence of Miamiโ€™s diaspora communities.

Growing Girl*
by Marnie Ellen
Growing Girl is one womanโ€™s story of vengeance and that aching feeling from all the things you wish you would have said.

โ€œๆฒˆ้ป™ใŒ็ช’ๆฏใงใ™โ€ (Silence is Suffocation)
by Adriana De La Torre
A short abstraction of BIPOLAR DISORDER; a chronic mental illness that causes dramatic shifts in a personโ€™s mood, energy and ability to think clearly.

Escaped Exotics*
by Rachel Johnson
A series of ethnobotanical videos uncover the unseen histories latent in the alien anatomies of invasive non-native species embedded within the landscape of South Florida.

200 Nam Nam
by Marcelline Mandeng
Experimental remake of the 1999 Robin Williams feature film comedy โ€œBicentennial Manโ€, starring Marcelline as โ€œNam Nam,โ€ a robot who wanders the earth for 200 years trying to become human so she can die.

Wild Lines 2: Edny*
by Fereshteh Torsi
Chicago-based artist Fereshteh Toosiโ€™s documentary short about a unique Miami resident.

El Otro Lado
by Ana Trevino
A video installation that allows the viewer to experience my journey crossing the border separating Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Over and Under and Through
by Desiree Moore
As Iris navigates adolescence, she must also navigate the home; which maps a patriarch-established structure that Iris must follow. Uncomfortable with this pre-destined architecture, Iris the wild Floridian landscape within her mind and with out boundaries.

Cave of Swimmers
by Alejandra Abad
Tells the symbolic, mythical, and abstract story of how they came to be, how they left left their lands, from primordial water and magical light to early cave paintings to the modern concert stage.

You Will Meet The Bringer (Bringer I & Bringer II [starring Rober Deniro])*
by Devyn Waitt
A native Floridian returns home with her boyfriend to find a new housing development may be disrupting the original inhabitants of the land.

The Singularity Parts 1 and 2
by Marissa Goldman
In the one and only TIMES SQUARE, Marissa G (looking ever-so profesh) asks people what they think about the singularity.
Sweaty Mother Slow Groove
by Devin Harclerode
An engagement in magical thinking that proposes a displacement of swamp methodologies into the virtual realm via the cyborg-goddess hybrid, the metaphorical swamp is the possibility of a mushy danger zone that harnesses the absorption of an unwanted space: a disintegration of the binary and the soft-coded awareness of the body as a process, not a site.

EFFERVESCENCE (a program of movement-based videos)
Innovative video work at the intersection of film, dance, and performance art, highlighting women and queer artists exploring embodied movement and experimental narratives. Curated by Whitney Mallett.

Ecdysis by Keenon Brice
I Lose Myself Because I Can by Erin Grant
Re: Hello From The Other Side by Rindon Johnson
Breath, Movement, and Purpose by Adriana Cristal x Negashi Armada
Gloss of Forehead by Anna K.E.
butoh v. kingston by Miles Pflanz
Mana Alien Chaninqa ft. โ€œMana Chaninqaโ€ by the Sorry Entertainers by Claire Cรดtรฉ
Trinidad by Lily Gottschalk

With themes of dance, performative identity, and critical ethnography, this selection of videos presents a diverse exploration of makeup, masks, and hypermediation in contemporary culture. While the subjects of these videos, ranging from Congolese folk dancing to American religious miming, disrupt the expectations of feminist video art, put in conversation with more familiar investigations of female identity, through makeup, self-portraiture, and sexually explicit dance, together this program presents a sophisticated and unpredictable examination of identity, where the female artist is both consumer and consumed. Curated by Whitney Mallett.

Congo Super 8 by Lesley Nicole Braun #DONTJUDGEMEBYE by Dese Escobar Without a Body by FlucT LIVE VIRTUAL DJ PERFORMANCE by Sadaf H. Nava Gospel Mime by Whitney Mallett

MIAMI- what are you waiting for? GET TIX WHILE U CAN


It's here! The lineup for our MAIN NIGHT!!!
Saturday, February 25, 2017
Olympia Theater 7PM
Miami, Fla, USA

See the films that Local hero film critic Rene Rodriguez previewed and said:
"Borschtโ€™s work has shown the world there is a young and vital arts community in Miami making original films imbued with the cityโ€™s unique sensibilities. Underneath the groupโ€™s playful, irreverent veneer is a serious commitment to creative expression, hard work and intellectual curiosity...And the intangible qualities that have become Borscht trademarks โ€” a playful, brash sense of humor, zero tolerance for self-importance, pop-culture savvy and unexpected, sometimes poetic beauty โ€” permeate this yearโ€™s batch of short films." - Miami Herald Cover Story
'Tickets are still available (only $9) and get you into the PAMPLEMOUSSE AFTERPARTY right across the street!
This event was made possible by Cinereach. They are great!

Most of the films you will see tonight were made specifically for this event. These commissions were supported by grants from our partners at Knight Foundation, OneFifty, and LaCroix.

* Denotes Commission.
** Denotes Commission supported by OneFifty First Generation Voices Grants (for first generation American filmmakers).
** Denotes Commission supported by LaCroix #NOBROZONE Grants (for female-identifying filmmakers).
dir. Robin Comisar
Woman get stuck in a Red Lobster commercial.

MIAMI 2001 **
dir. Nick Corirossi
Found footage created and edited by the 2001 South Miami High school shooter.

Deer Squad
dir. Scott Ross
Kelvin Peรฑa befriends a group of wild deer in his backyard.

dir. Xander Robin
Lance is on a quest to become the #1 lizard collector in South Florida.

Standard Lease Agreement
dir. Jim Cummings/Dustin Hahn/Julia Bales
A woman and a realtor go through her lease.

Agua Viva **
dir. by Alexa Haas
A manicurist in Miami attempts to communicate her inner desires, feelings, and daydreams through a language she cannot speak.

Foam Sweet Foam ***
dir. Kelly Loudenberg
A video essay on the uncanny foam furniture used as designer training props by police and SWAT.

My Trip to Miami *
dir. Dylan Redford
I'm going on vacation to Miami for a week and will document myself visiting all of TripAdvisorโ€™s โ€œ315 Top Attractions in Miami.โ€

Miedo de Monos **
dir. Michael Arcos
When I was younger my dad would always tell me a story about why he was scared of monkeys. It went something like this.

Suddenly We Jumped
dir. Antonia Wright
A performance for video in which the artist's nude body breaks through a sheet of glass, becoming a fully functional, mechanized weapon of simultaneous destruction and creation.

dir. Julian Yuri Rodriguez
A boy wants to make sure his doggy goes to heaven.

Sale El Sol ***
dir. Caroline Castro
A documentation of the anticipation, exhilaration, fear, space, time, and experience of imminent tropical storms/hurricanes in an increasingly inundated Miami.

Kaiju Bunraku **
dir. Mayer\Leyva
A day in the life of a husband and a wife living in a world of giant monsters.

Day Off 4 **
dir. Jillian Mayer
Virtual reality of virtual reality of virtual reality of virtual reality of...

Soft Tissue Issues
dir. Juan Matos
Lucas hangs out at the park on a rainy day and eats a mango.

Sequence 02 1
dir. Cristine Brache
The filmmaker has a conversation about appearance with her grandparents, captured through the lens of gendered experience.

dir. Giancarlo Loffredo
A young girl sings a song in a Latin cafe.

Body Heals
dir. Annelise Ogaard
A dispatch from a plastic surgery vacation, reflecting on beauty in the moment of metamorphosis after the knife goes in, but before the bandages come off.

dir. Jillian Mayer
Mimicking the appropriative gestures of advertising and prosumer media, Mayerโ€™s direct message explores what can be obtained from a face.

Brooding **
dir. Coral Morphologic
Sex on the reef.

PLUR ***
dir. King Coochie
A claymation adaptation of a series of actual voicemails.

Fanimaltastic! **
dir. Karen Linda Johnson and Ms. Garcia's 7th Grade Film Explorer's Club
The only talk show for you and your pets!

Don't miss out on this one-night only event! Get tix now!


Boniato is Spanish for Caribbean sweet potato, a common cash crop.

Boniato is a short film by Miami-based and bred filmmakers Eric Mainade and The Meza Brothers.

Boniato is about an illegal migrant worker who decides itโ€™s time to move on from picking crops and find a better job. Little does she know, insidious supernatural forces have a different plan for her. Some borders aren't meant to be crossed. It premiered at Sundance earlier this year to rave reviews.

Boniato, "the creepiest short film of the year," is now finally **FREE ONLINE** as both Short of the Week and a "Vimeo Staff Pick."

Only watch it if you like stories of illegal immigrants, motorcycles, witches, monsters, and/or epic knife fights. Turn off the lights and turn up the sound.

OR, if you want to watch a movie with other humans in the same dark room...

LOCALS: We are doing a little, free screening tonight at the Bill Cosford Cinema on the UM Campus of a film called "collective:unconscious." It is the first anthology film to ever premiere in competition at SXSW, wherein five acclaimed filmmakers adapt each other's dreams for the screen. How weird does it get? Rolling Stone says: "It's like nothing you've ever seen with your eyes open."

Event starts at 9 PM and is FREE with RSVP.

ALSO FOR LOCALS: Sundance is coming back to Miami! "Apply by today's deadline" to develop your documentary project in one of their workshops next month. "Do it!"

See you tonight mb?



PS. Moonlight continues its rampage across the country, opening nationwide this week. If you still haven't seen it, what are you waiting for? If you already saw it, here is a pic of Miami-native, director Barry Jenkins hanging out w some new pals. Maybe they can convince you to see it again?


I know some of you are tired of hearing how astoundingly beautiful and life-changing the Miami-made film Moonlight is, but we are definitely not tired of talking about it.

This weekend (TONIGHT) the film opens in Miami, and we want to encourage every single human in this city to see it. It is without a doubt, the Most Important Miami Movie (since Bad Boys 2, at least).

It opened last weekend in Los Angeles and New York to astoundingly beautiful and life-changing the record-breaking box office, and if people in those cities can show up for a film by Miami natives that takes place in Liberty City, there is no reason the home team shouldn't show up as well.

It's playing at O Cinema (we encourage you to support our independent cinemas), however if they are sold out, it is also playing at the Regal South Beach 18 and AMC Aventura 24. Buy tickets! Sell it out!

Even if you are planning to see another movie for whatever reason, buy a ticket to Moonlight and sneak into the other movie. If you get caught just blame us, a person on the internet!

For over a decade, we've led the charge to create the conditions where this sort of film could be made in this city. When we started, people laughed in our faces when we told them that Miami stories would one day be shared with the world. We've come this far, and the biggest way you can help make sure there is a continued interested in our amazing local storytellers is to buy a ticket. THIS WEEKEND.

Ultimately the thing that drives what sort of movies are being made is the bottom line, and if you want more films about people of color, Miami, queer people, or films that treat minorities as fully-realized humans with depth and internal lives rather than crude caricatures, buy a ticket to see this film. Convince a friend to come with you too (Janaelle Monae and dude from House of Cards and Luke Cage are in it!)

Here's a trailer:

After that, you should go home and immediately watch Jacqueline (Argentine), the Sundance-approved feature film by Miami-bred Bernardo Britto! The film also takes place in Miami, and was just released on demand on Vimeo (it's on iTunes too).

Here's a trailer for that:

Jacqueline (Argentine) from FilmBuff on Vimeo.

More about the film: A filmmaker (Wyatt Cenac, "The Daily Show") receives a series of panicked emails and phone calls from a young French woman named Jacqueline Dumont (Camille Rutherford). She invites him to Argentina to document her self-imposed political exile after supposedly leaking US government secrets detailing a planned assassination. Jacqueline expects dramatic fallout and wants the filmmaker there to capture it all on camera. But upon arriving at the remote holistic center where Jacqueline is hiding out, the filmmaker and his two interns begin to suspect that her story might be exaggerated (or completely made up). The film they eventually make is the one we watch โ€“ more of an absurd comedy than the political thriller they bargained for.

Miami, we've come this far, support the films now that they exist!!

Aaanythingggg is posssibleeeeeeee!!!

- Borscht <3


So, we are throwing a mini film fest this week :0))))

Just a flash fest really, a bunch of neat movies we like or maybe helped make in some small way, premiering in Miami. To be clear, this isn't a traditional fest- just a bunch of film events playing movies we love. There are also some parties, there will b pretty ppl there, treats, surprises, etc.

<3 U r invited if u want, but tickets are limited and will be snapped up quick! Even we have limited access to tix! <3

Included events are the Miami premieres of MA by Celia Rowlson-Hall, Jacqueline (Argentine) by Bernardo Britto, and Moonlight by Barry Jenkins. They are great, and best of all, made or developed in Miami.

Here's the deal below, or just save/download the handy jpg.

Borscht 9.5
mini flash fest
Oct 12-15, 2016
(sry 4 the wait)

Wed Oct 12

7:00 PM Memory Presents Program No.2 @Coral Gables Cinema
Miami premiere of sick shorts by Janicza Bravo, Romain Gavras, Sam Kuhn, etc.
Q&A w/ producers, presented w/ Gables Cinema
(must rsvp here)

9:00 PM Karaoke Afterparty @ 7 Seas

Thurs Oct 13

7:00 PM MA @ Miami Beach Cinematheque
Miami premiere of feature film by Celia Rowlson-Hall. โ€œNever-quite-seen-anything-like-it desert bound biblical odeโ€ - Filmmaker Mag
Q&A w/ director, star
(tix here)

(venice laurel) (ps1 laurel) (afi award laurel) (rotterdam laurel)

9:30 PM Dance Afterparty @ Mango's

Fri Oct 14

8:00 PMJacqueline (Argentine) @ Faena Screening Room
Miami premiere of feature film by local Bernardo Britto, starring Wyatt Cenac and Camille Rutherford. Homecoming for locally made, Sundance-approved film.
Q&A w/ director, producers
(must rsvp here)

(sundance laurel) (rotterdam laurel)

10:00 PM Afterparty @ Cucu's Nest

Sat Oct 15

6:00 PM Moonlight @ Colony Theater
Miami premiere of feature film by Miami native Barry Jenkins, based on play by local Tarell McCraney. Homecoming for Miami-made, Oscar-buzzing film.
Q&A w/ director, writer, presented by A24
(must rsvp here)

(telluride laurel) (toronto laurel) (new york laurel) (bfi london laurel)

8:00 PM Moonlight Afterparty @ PAMM
(must rsvp here)

11:30 PM Fire Walk With Me @ Byron Carlyle
35 mm screening of David Lynch classic.
presented w/ Secret Celluloid Society
(tix here)

"cuz the real gems were made in miami" lol


Hallo Nederlandse mensen!

We are so excited to share that the Incubate Festival is Tilburg, Netherlands is hosting a four-day "Best of Borscht" screening series from September 8-11!

If you are in the area, come check it out!

Here's what they have to say about it (us) [you]:
"It is the very first time that Miami's Borscht Corporation will show their film collection in the Netherlands and it will blow you away! Do not expect mainstream narratives but think idiosyncratic, eclectic and sometimes bizarre scenes and visuals. Come watch the Best of Borscht: a 90 minute selection of short films every day."

wij houden van jou


Hello NSA! Hello Borscht friend! Hello Interwebz! As you may know, we are accepting grant applications for Borscht Diez. As you may (not) know, the deadline is this Friday, July 1st (hehe). With grant-making season drawing to a close, and Lady Liberty's birthday just around the corner, we wanted to share a very special, very feminist new initiative of ours with you.

This year, Borscht will increase its creative and financial support of women filmmakers by establishing a BRO FREE ZONE. What does this mean, you ask? As a female-driven organization, it's important to us that women filmmakers not encounter the barricades of skepticism and sexism they often face when seeking funding.

So, in addition to this doubling down, all funding/support for female-driven Borscht Diez projects will be determined exclusively by women on the Borscht team. This BRO FREE ZONE will ensure women creators have a safe space to get weird on their own terms.

Get to werq on those apps, everybody! Time is running out. When you finish your app, please enjoy these Slumpies videos by our Most Esteemed & Highly Benevolent Mother of Mercy Jillian Mayer at your leisure.



We have officially launched our call for entries for Borscht Diez commissions! Anyone with an idea for a project in, of, or about Miami can apply for $$$ or production support via our free application. The deadline is July 1st, but don't wait as we have already started giving out grants (responsibly).


Artists may apply for grants to help them create a project in, of, or about Miami. Applicants do not necessarily need to be living in or from Miami, but preference will be given to those based locally.

Depending on the artist and nature of the project, you may be eligible for a cash grant, full production support, and/or other considerations.

All applications will be reviewed by a moderately qualified panel. Grants are administered on a rolling basis until July 1st, 2016 or until funding runs out, so the sooner you apply the better your chances.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our previous work on this website and consider if your project is right for us before you apply. Past recipients are encouraged to apply again.

These grants are generously supported by the Knight Foundation and OneFifty Time Warner Inc.

You should also apply to these grants for South Florida Filmmakers: they are also free and have the same deadline as us at Miami Film Development Program.

Yayyyy bogo grant$$$$!!!


Some big news: we can finally announce our partnership with Time Warner! Thanks to this new partnership, we are happy to be able to give out even more grants and support this year with the creation of the OneFifty 1st Generation Grant. Yayyyyyy

Here's an official statement with more info:
We are proud to announce a grant specifically supporting the voices of first generation American filmmakers. While the majority of filmmakers we support are minorities or women, this has never been an explicit part of our mission. We never gave a second thought to our sets and films being as diverse as the city where they were made, but as we begin to gain experience working on projects outside of the magical Borscht bubble, we realize that this diversity is a rare experience. For example, we were shocked to learn that at a major film festival this year, 50% of US fiction shorts by Latinos were Borscht commissions.

Time Warner Inc., home of HBO, Warner Bros and Turner Broadcasting, is one of the Hollywood powers actually doing something about this. They support organizations like ours to correct the absurdity of under representation in film. It is in partnership with Time Warner’s OneFifty, an incubator financing content from artists who take risks and investing directly in storytellers whose voices resonate with diverse global audiences, that we offer this grant. By supporting first generation American filmmakers specifically, this grant will create content reflective of our world and amplify those voices that we at Borscht already nurture.

Not only will the funding go towards the creation of new cinematic projects, but this partnership will also create a direct talent pipeline from our small regional films to much larger platforms. There are several Borscht filmmakers who have already entered this pipeline: Hialeahโ€™s own Marco Ramirez (A Toast from Borscht 7) is currently writing the new Akira adaptation for Warner Brothers, Mayer\Leyva (#PostModem from Borscht 8) have just finished shooting a pilot for Warner OneFifty, and the Meza Brothers (Boniato from Borscht 9) are developing episodic digital content for Warner Next.

Now, with the same free application we’ve always had, filmmakers can apply for a OneFifty 1st Generation Filmmakers Grant available here.

Tamir Muhammad, Director of Content & Artist Development at OneFifty says:“OneFifty is proud to partner with Borscht Corp., an artists’ collective whose proven commitments to taking risks and owning their narrative reflects our own.This funding recognizes the further support needed to amplify their existing strategy: to elevate the vibrant, varied of voices of Miami and now the stories from 1st generation storytellers, globally. Jillian, Lucas and their team have built a brand that is unapologetically artistic, and we are thrilled to help provide grants to further 1st generation immigrant voices under their tutelage.”

Nothing we do will change. With this grant, we can just do it bigger. We retain complete autonomy while working with the OneFifty team, who have the utmost respect for the creative process and are valuable sources of knowledge to our community. We are excited to share this opportunity with our community as we continue to grow together, amplifying our Miami voices across the globe.

You can find out more about Time Warnerโ€™s 150 but visiting their website below:


Good day, friends.

Today we would like to share a special little film about a special little peanut* named Allie.

Allie The Peanut starred in a film called El Sol Como Un Gran Animal Oscuro (The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal) we commissioned with the O,Miami Poetry Festival a few years ago, inspired by the poems of Alejandra Pizarnik.

While the brilliant Christina Felisgrau and Ronnie Rivera of Bleeding Palm were the principal creative forces, it was truly a local collective effort to bring it to life, with poets, artists, filmmakers, and musicians like P. Scott Cunningham, The Meza Brothers, Bernardo Britto, Lucas Leyva, Jillian Mayer, Augustina Woodgate, Otto von Schirach, and Nayib Estefan all chipping in, with producer Dennis Scholl pushing the film all along to create the little peanut that could. :,)

The film premiered at Sundance in 2015, and had a festival run that was highlighted by winning a Jury Prize at the New Orleans Film Festival- a prize that we can assure you has nothing to do with a late night meeting that occurred between an executive producer and a juror outside the men's room of the Love Lost Lounge in Merigny, sometime between the hours of 2 and 3 AM.

While we are proud to say that today the film premieres to the world as a Vimeo Staff Pick, this news is bittersweet.

Alas, while Allie The Peanut is beloved across the globe, she is not feeling the love locally, in the very soil from which she sprung.

Despite our passionate pleas, Allie is being denied a star on The Official Miami Walk of Fame at Bayside Marketplace, the highest honor that can be bestowed by the Film/Video Entertainment Industry.

We feel this needs to change NOW.

We refuse to speculate that this could be the result of sexism, even though there is only one other female on this prestigious walk, nor do we want to point that that only 20% of the Film/Video Stars are Latino in this minority-majority city.

No, we just want The Official Miami Walk of Fame at Bayside Marketplace Inc. to recognize Allie for her breathtaking range as a performer and acknowledge that she deserves to be immortalized on a gorgeous Romero Britto-designed star on this walk alongside other Miami luminaries like Adam Rodriguez (CBS drama "Reckless"), Kevin James ("Grown Ups 2"), Channing Tatum ("G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra"), and "Rio 2 Animated Film."

So, we are asking you, dear friends, to sign our petition.

In this season of political acrimony and partisanship, I think we can all agree on the love of a peanut. Please share with all your friends, and help us right this grave injustice. Here's the movie:

Enjoy your week.



PS. Good luck on the elimination tournament Miami Heat Professional Basketball Team!

*We aren't really sure if she is a peanut but she looks like one.


Hello friends!

This year 8,712 short films were submitted to the Sundance Film Festival, the most prestigious festival in the country. Of those, only 41 US fiction shorts were selected.

Four of them were Borscht shorts.

This will be the sixth year in a row Borscht shorts represent Miami at Sundance, and will bring the total of our films played there to 10.

From the initial inspiration and help making the films, to showing up by the thousands when the rough cuts are screened at the Borscht Film Festival...itโ€™s truly a collaborative effort, and none of this happens without the love from Miami, our volunteers, the support from the local industry, the Knight Foundation, and all the people who read these silly emails.

When we started this quixotic project with a dumb name years ago, we never dreamt that we would send shorts to Sundance for six years in a row to represent Miami, much less that this tiny community would represent 10% of American short-form filmmaking at this festival. We are humbled and grateful that the Sundance programmers deem the projects worthy of this platform.

So, thank you all and congrats!

The shorts are:

Dolfun by Sebastian Silva
A love story becomes an existential crisis when Silva fulfills his lifelong dream of swimming with a dolphin.

Glove by Alexa Haas and Bernardo Britto
After accidentally being unclipped from a spacecraft, an astronautโ€™s glove travels to the edge of the universe.
[Bernardo is also premiering his feature Jacqueline (Argentine) at the festival, which was partially shot in Miami!]

Boniato by Diego Meza-Valdes, Andres Meza-Valdes, and Eric Mainade
A migrant worker who is illegally in the U.S. decides itโ€™s time to move on from picking crops and find a better job. Little does she know insidious supernatural forces have a different plan for her.
(watch trailer here)

Swimming in Your Skin Again by Terence Nance which you can watch in its entirety today on Nowness!
A film about motherhood, banality, Miami, the water, the divine feminine and how to sing in church in a way that calls forth your own adulthood.

Most of these films played in rough form at the last Borscht Film Festival, which was just named one of the 25 Coolest Festivals in the World by MovieMaker Magazine

All this to say:

Thank you!!!



Dearest Friends,

Sometimes we are so busy making things in our manic quest to battle our personal demons tell Miami stories, we forget to tell you when we are done with them.

Well, somehow we forgot to tell you about our little MTV show called No Seasons, named after the Jacuzzi Boys song.

You can watch the first 8 episodes on or on Vimeo below:

Created by Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer, No Seasons is a surreality show that follows the adventures of Julian Yuri Rodriguez as he tries to become a niรฑo bueno (good kid) while navigating Miami's strange, dark underworld. 

It's about love and maturity and violence and Catholicism and race and being human and how this world can be hard and confusing but everyone is just doing their best to exist and find moments of weirdness and beauty in their lives. There is also a monkey in it!

You may remember the origins of this series from Borscht 7's opener Piratas in 2011. It's basically that. But as a show. For tweens.

Oh, here are some pictures of actual human beings with our logo tattooed on them:

All Life is Real,



New Yorkers! You may live in a place writer Nick Pinkerton described as"A PROHIBITIVELY-EXPENSIVE RANCID HELLHOLE RAPIDLE BEING DENUDED OF ALL HUMAN CHARACTER WANTS SOME ARTISANAL SHIT?" but, at least for this weekend, you can have some Borscht.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday, the 30th) and going until Monday (August 2nd), IFP is hosting the first Borscht Retrospective in your aggressively marketed 'greatest city in the world' (-Taylor Swift).

It's free but you have to RSVP here.

Because it's in NY, the heartland of America's content farm, Art in America (gently) suggested you check it out! 

Miamians, Miamites, we are still yours.

Enjoy the summertime sadness (-via 2k13 LDR).




Hello friends, hello May.

We are still Doing Things! Sundance came to town and hosted a Shortslab just for Miamians, who would have thought? Then the other night we premiered a new short we commissioned by Jacolby Satterwhite at the Perez Art Museum, and somehow got Trina to perform at this Very Fancy Art Museum.

If you didn't catch these events, you can see our work in person as our films make their glorious trudge through the festival circuit on our External Validation Tour 2015, sponsored by our deepest insecurities and Floridian inferiority complex. Here's where you can catch us this month:

Maryland Film Festival - Playing 6 Borscht Shorts!
Stanley Film Festival- Playing 2 Borscht Shorts!
Little Rock Film Festival- Playing 3 Borscht Shorts!
Los Angeles Film Festival- Playing 3 Borscht Shorts!
East Oregon Film Festival- Playing 3 Borscht Shorts!
Rooftop Films Summer Screening Series- Playing 3 Borscht Shorts!
Seattle Film Festival
Haiti Film Festival
BAM CinemaFest


As a bonus, here is some Content on the Internet to briefly fill that void in our lives we can't quite name. Be Sure To Share With Friends on Relevant Social Medias!

First, we just released a new short that was made for Borscht 9 in December, premiered at SXSW, and now was just chosen as a Vimeo Staff pick and is on the front page of Reddit! Here is All Your Favorite Shows by Danny Madden and our friends at Ornana Films, created by cutting together over 160 films to make this 1 animation:

Our alums are keeping busy as well, here are some music videos released in the last month...

Starting with Adan Jodorowsky directing a video for his own song (click the pic, NSFW):

Julian Yuri Rodriguez recently released a video he codirected for Miami rapper Denzel Curry feat Mike Dece (you saw Mike's mom in Julian's last short at BFF9, Lake Mahar!)  Click the pic, probably NSFW:

Finally A/D/D took a break from making Miami horror things to direct this R&B thing by Janine and The Mixtape:

Enjoy the void and c u next month!




Hello friends!

If we had such a thing as seasons in Miami, we would wish you a happy spring, but alas!

Just because we are letting your inbox chill doesn't mean we haven't been busy. This is actually a thoroughly insane weekend for us, with all-Borscht programs premiering at THREE different film festivals that you should check out if you are near one:

Cineglobe Film Festival at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. [Yes, we will be playing Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse! as the Large Hadron Collider opens up tiny black holes just below our feet. Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva will also be lecturing there (seriously).]

Treefort Film Festival in Boise, Idaho. Boise!

Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa, Florida. [Michael Arcos and Marnie Ellen (Biscayne World) will be there for a Q and A as well as a secret program in a Tampa hotel room.]

The films were all sent on these disks:

Not to mention the Papa Machete screening on Sunday at New Voices in Black Cinema at BAM, which the NY Times calls "hypnotic."

For those of you keeping track of our terribly insecure external validation scorecard, this caps an impressive month for Borscht shorts that also saw All Your Favorite Shows! premiere to positive reviews at SXSW, Swimming in Your Skin Again get a rave review from Filmmaker Magazine, Ahol Sniffs Glue's Biscayne World tear it up at Glasgow Film Festival, and El Sol Como Un Gran Animal Oscuro continue its run at Cinequest!

See you in April at a 'Theatrrr Near U!'


PS. Let's play a game of "spot the filmmaker from Miami" in this press photo from the Glasgow Short Film Festival:



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