Borscht makes movies in Miami.

Borscht  is a nonprofit with the simple mission to redefine cinema in Miami. Local filmmakers created Borscht in response to the lack of regional infrastructure and support, empowering artists to tell fresh Miami stories.

Since first receiving a grant from the Knight Foundation five years ago, Borscht has...

โ€œlegitimized the once-absurd premise of filmmaking in Miami...โ€

โ€œspur[ring] a filmmaking boom in South Florida...โ€ developing, overseeing, and commissioning the creation of dozens of short films, often by first-time filmmakers from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.

During this time, Borscht's unlikely and unprecedented run has consisted of over 300 festival screenings worldwide (including ten films across six consecutive years at Sundance), over forty jury and audience awards, millions of online views, dozens of art exhibitions in galleries and museums like the Guggenheim and MoMA, and appearing on newspaper and magazine covers to announce Miami's independent film community as โ€œa freaky force to reckoned with."

Meanwhile on the home front, Borscht was simultaneously building one of the โ€œ25 coolest film festivals in the world,โ€ โ€œthe weirdest film festival on the planet,โ€ and โ€œMiami's best film festivalโ€ from the ground up. A biannual gonzo celebration of the commissioned work, the Borscht Film Festival is โ€œa crazy experience like nothing elseโ€ and a โ€œreinvention of the concept of the film festivalโ€ that has become โ€œpart of the city's cultural characterโ€ and โ€œone of the biggest forces behind Miami's renaissance.โ€

In 2014 Borscht was awarded South Florida Film Critics Circle's Golden Orange Award for โ€œfresh, vital...tireless championing of independent filmmakingโ€ in Florida. Recent retrospectives include Contemporary Art Center (New Orleans), Glasgow Short Film Festival, CERN (Geneva) and IFP (New York), with another scheduled later this year at LACMA.

In a short period of time, Borscht has already taken strides to โ€œredefine cinema in Miamiโ€ and โ€œthe world is taking noticeโ€โ€“ even wondering if โ€œthe next great hope of American film is hiding in Florida.โ€


Open House! Borscht Corporation Corporate World Headquarters

7:30 PM Open House! Borscht Corporation Corporate World Headquarters @Borscht Corporation

It's official, we moved to HIALEAH! Come check out our new space in the glorious City of Progress! A place 2 call ur own as long as u do not stress us 2 much! Have a beer or delicious La Croix, meet some rad ppl, get a sneak peek of what we are up to. All are welcome! Bring ur friends as we want 2 open our doors n hearts to community at large! ~~~~~~NO NETWORKING~~~~~~ ***ONLY THIRST THAT WILL B TOLERATED IS 4 SWEET SWEET ELIXER OF LIFE LACROIX SPARKLING WATER*** RSVP HERE

Kart Basel

7:00 PM Kart Basel @Boxelder Craft Beer Market

Bookleggers Library and Borscht Corp present: KART BASEL It's like Basel, but instead of art there's Mario Kart. We are going to be drinking and playing Mario Kart on big outdoor projection. TBH nothing to see here, just some chill bros playing wii. Also N64. Also SNES. Also, don't come to this. RSVP HERE

Speaking in Cinema #11: Moonlight

7:00 PM Speaking in Cinema #11: Moonlight @Miami Beach Cinematheque

Special discussion of the Miami-made film "Moonlight" that is taking the world by storm! Join us for a candid hometown conversation about the film and its broader thematic concerns, its origins and making-of narrative, and larger practical impact. Also: never-before seen behind-the scenes documents, rare and unseen footage!

***This is not a screening of the film, we recommend watching the film at least once before attending!***

With special guests author Tarell Alvin McCraney (original story), actors Alex Hibbert and Jaden Pinder, and special surpise speakers! Hosted by Borscht co-founder Lucas Leyva.

SPEAKING IN CINEMA presented by MBC is a series of events giving an in-depth look at the intricacies of the art of filmmaking led by local and visiting film critics. With filmmakers, artists and international specialists as guests, connecting to and supplementing MBC programming, the series of discussions is an ongoing and inclusive celebration of the art of cinema, the โ€œSeventh Artโ€, which brings together all of the other six. SPEAKING IN CINEMA explores cinemaโ€™s past, present and future as the medium that encompasses spatial, temporal and visual aspects of art. The series provides a platform for continued engagement with a video library of the events to be released soon on the MBC website.

Made possible through the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, as part of the Knight Arts Challenge, with additional support from the Sagamore Hotel and Nespresso


Day Off Dome

2:00 PM Day Off Dome @Faena Geometric Dome

Join us for a chill Sunday afternoon on a goddamn POP-UP PLANETARIUM ON THE BEACH to completely immerse yourself in 7 works of heartbreaking uncanniness!

Borscht Corp. + Faena Arts present Jillian Mayer's DAY OFF, a program consisting of 7 one-shot videos screened concurrently in 360degree dome projection.

The videos each feature a lone protagonist in various exotic locations, fully immersed in a virtual reality world that the viewer can only experience though the implied narrative of the protagonist's literal movements.

***Event is free! The entrance to the dome is at 32nd St and the Beach. Due to thousand events going on at the Faena Hotel during Basel, the hotel access could be restricted to hotel guests and hotel events guests, so you can enter the dome through 32nd st and the beach. ***

In DAY OFF, we watch as our protagonists play what we can only assume is a fully immersive virtual reality video game. They are completely disconnected from the world of the viewer, oblivious to the environment as well as the viewer's physical presence and gaze.

To an extent, the players have achieved the ultimate promise of entertainment- they are living in a world of their choosing, inhabiting their desired form to participate in any activity they decide, with limited consequences. However the viewer, removed from the playerโ€™s perspective, is made distinctly aware of the technology's inadequacy to achieve transcendence.The player becomes a parody of the current human condition- feeble bodies desperately attempting to escape the reality we were born into, grasping at the glowing windows in our pockets (and increasingly our minds) for a glimpse at a different world.

The playerโ€™s world is not necessarily an antisocial one (who is to say how many others they are interacting with via digital interface), but rather an anti-physical one. The temperature and topography of the viewer's world does not matter to the player, and their physical bodies are as much an outdated hinderance as the clunky headsets and wires required as intermediaries to his digital existence.


Borscht Corp presents Collective:Unconscious

9:00 PM Borscht Corp presents Collective: Unconscious @Bill Cosford Cinema

In "collective:unconscious," the first anthology film to ever premiere in competition at SXSW, five acclaimed filmmakers adapt each other's dreams for the screen. How weird does it get? "It's like nothing you've ever seen with your eyes open." (Rolling Stone)


Borscht 9.5 Moonlight Afterparty

8:00 PM Moonlight Afterparty @ Perez Art Museum Miami

You know what this is.

Borscht 9.5 Moonlight

6:00 PM Moonlight @Colony Theater

Miami premiere of feature film by Miami native Barry Jenkins, based on play by local Tarell McCraney. Homecoming for Miami-made, Oscar-buzzing film.
Q&A w/ director, writer, presented by A24.
(telluride laurel) (toronto laurel) (new york laurel) (bfi london laurel)

Borscht 9.5 MoonlightPanel

12:30 PM Moonlight Panel @African Heritage Cultural Arts Center

Conversation and snacks with Miami's own Barry Jenkins (writer/director) and Tarell McCraney (story by), on growing up in Liberty City and coming back to make art that is now speaking to the world.


Borscht 9.5 Doomwave Manifesto Proclamation + Jacqueline Party

10:00 PM Borscht 9.5: Doomwave Manifesto Proclamation + Jacqueline Party @CUCU'S NEST BAR

Proclamation of the DOOMWAVE MANIFESTO with a screening of the SMUK TRIPTYCH by Michael Arcos, with the godfather of doomwave @SMUK1 himself present.


Borscht 9.5 Jaqueline (Argentine)

8:00 PM Jaqueline (Argentine) @Faena Theater

Join us for the Miami premiere and homecoming of this locally made, Sundance-approved feature film by Bernardo Britto, starring Wyatt Cenac and Camille Rutherford.